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Signs That You Need Professional Richmond Washing Machine Repair

Many people take their washing machines for granted until the washing machine stops working completely. Then they are faced with having to replace this expensive appliance immediately. Many machines can be fixed for a fraction of the cost of a new machine. Here are the signs you need to keep watch for to let you know when to call a Richmond Washing Machine Repair service.


If your washing machine is suddenly leaking – even small leaks – call a repair service. Leaks or puddles on the floor around your machine are not normal. If you already have an HVAC service or plumber, ask them to look at your machine. If they cannot fix it, they should be able to recommend a service that does.

Stuck Agitator

The agitator is the device in the middle of the machine that moves the clothes around so they can get properly wet with soapy water. Without a working agitator, your clothes will not be evenly cleaned. If your agitator is not moving, call a repair service right away.

Takes Forever to Fill With Water

It should not take an hour for your washing machine to fill up with water, even if it does manage to still clean your clothes. This problem will only get worse over time if not seen to. If your washing machine is taking longer and longer to fill up with water, schedule an appointment with an appliance repair company.

Will Not Drain or Draining Too Slowly

This is a clear sign that something is fundamentally wrong with the machine. However, you may not need to replace it. Contact your plumber, HVAC company or an appliance repair service to check out your washing machine, the sump pump and the pipes it is hooked up to.

Will Not Run At All

This is a big problem that cannot be ignored. Some washing machines will not run if there is a problem with the pipes bringing water into the machine. Otherwise, this means that somehow electricity is not getting into the machine.

If you still wonder if your washing machine needs to be fixed or replaced even after reading this, please contact Affordable Home Appliance Repair with your questions today.