Protect Your Commercial Kitchen and Your Employees With a Minneapolis, MN Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust

When most people think about the term heat exhaustion they are actually considering the physical ailment that can affect a person who has been over exposed to sunlight or outdoor heat. However exhausting heat can have many other meanings. If you happen to own a restaurant or simply find yourself working in one then the kitchen exhaust system may be of critical importance to you. Commercial kitchens can generate a lot of heat with huge, multiple burner stoves, large grill surfaces and ovens to accommodate baking. When all of these items are working at once the temperature in your kitchen can soar.

Along with excess heat the Minneapolis, MN Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust must also remove a number of other things including smoke, gases, grease, and various vapors. Kitchen exhausts serve multiple purposes including the protection of your food service workers as well as the sanitation of your kitchen. Surprisingly, their primary purpose isn’t always to vent the smoke away from the grill or stove although that is generally their most effective job. In fact, most commercial kitchen ventilation systems must also be able to handle the possibility of fire control or prevention as part of their everyday service. These requirements will vary by location and local ordinances so it will pay in the long run to do a little legal research.

For safety regulations and legal reasons a Minneapolis, MN Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust is required in any commercial kitchen. The health concern and cost of your workers getting injured might be enough to convince you, but there are other reasons. For instance, many ventilation systems are designed to collect and expel grease vapors which can be very crucial when operating a lot of fryers or when cooking other oily foods. These ventilation systems typically use grease filters which are installed inside the vent itself. These are generally referred as a Type 1 ventilation system.

The Type II system is used for the removal of steam vapors and excess heat like that produced by high pressure dish washer systems. Due to the moister environment these products require a little more attention to detail. Determining which system will fit your needs typically requires the skills of an experienced service contractor such as Altemp Mechanical Inc. By proper application of science and experience they can install exactly the equipment your business requires.