The pros of cosmetic surgery

by | Jul 7, 2014 | Health

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In almost all cases the motivation behind the desire to get cosmetic surgery is to fix a physical flaw or a perceived flaw. People undergo Beverly Hills CA cosmetic surgery for a host of different reasons; these can include breast augmentation, nose, lips, stomach, etc. In the case of a “mommy makeover” it will also include liposuction as well as a tummy tuck. Cosmetic surgery can be simple and straight forward, it can also be very complex all depending on the part of the body being worked on and how drastic the changes are going to be.

One often overlooked pro about cosmetic surgery is that it can be employed to improve the appearance of a person suffering from certain birth defects or abnormalities. A child that is born with a cleft lip can have this problem repaired while still young; once the surgery site has healed it is hard to tell the difference from a normal lip. People who have been involved in accidents or contact an illness that leaves them with physical changes can also elect to undergo cosmetic surgery in order to improve their appearance. A perfect example of this is when a woman has a mastectomy as a way to treat breast cancer, afterwards having a breast implant to return her looks to normal.

For people who have been involved in an accident or those changed through illness or disease the benefits go beyond vanity. Beverly Hills CA cosmetic surgery often allows these people to live a normal life with their confidence restored. In the case of a cleft lip, it not only improves one’s appearance, it serves to improve the function of the mouth when eating and speaking. When done on a newborn the infant will be able to suckle the breast or bottle and to develop normal language skills when the time comes.

For many a pro of cosmetic surgery is more for vanity than it is for medical reasons. Some people want to look great in a bikini so they get breast augmentation, others wish to appear younger so they get a facelift which reduce fine lines and wrinkles and minimize sagging skin, especially around the jowls.

Although from a medical standpoint not all cosmetic surgery is warranted but many people want to undergo certain cosmetic procedures to make them feel better about themselves and to regain their confidence. It is not unknown for a person to lose a great deal of weight only to be left with excess skin, this can be removed and the person can completely enjoy his or her new body.

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