Let Advanced Reproductive Specialists Help You Start A Family

Advanced Reproductive Specialists has two locations in the Orlando area. They often work with physicians at the Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine.

The doctor’s first step will be to perform a fertility evaluation, a series of tests performed over the course of a month or one menstrual cycle. The fertility evaluation will cover four areas: possible anatomical abnormalities in the woman’s reproductive system, the number of eggs in her ovaries, the rate of ovulation, and the number and condition of the man’s sperm.

After the doctor has examined the results of the fertility evaluation, they will discuss them with the couple and explain their treatment options.

Genetic testing involves taking a blood sample and testing it for signs that the parent is carrying a genetic disorder that their child might inherit.

There are two types of genetic testing: 1) pre-pregnancy and carrier screening, and 2) CGS and pre-implantation. In the first test, the geneticist will test the parents’ DNA to see if either is carrying a genetic disorder. Many genetic disorders are recessive, which means they will only fully affect a child if they inherit the defective genes from both parents. A child who inherits only one set of mutated genes will be a carrier.

CGS and pre-implantation tests are performed on embryos created through in vitro fertilization (IVF). The doctor will take a tissue biopsy from each embryo and examine it for signs of genetic defects. They will then choose the healthiest embryos for implantation. The geneticist may examine all of the chromosomes in the embryo, or they may look for specific disorders known to run in the family.

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