Houston Bariatric Surgery

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Health Care

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Are you one of the many with excessive weight gain issues? Due to different health and socio-environmental factors, obesity is one of the most prevalent health issues around the globe these days. With Houston Bariatric Surgery, you are guaranteed of quality treatment care.
Obesity is the number one weapon against all health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, health problems, and other health risks. While diet and exercise are the most common treatments, these options often fail with severe and excessive obese people. Many practitioners recommend undergoing Houston Bariatric Surgery.
What is Houston Bariatric Surgery?
For people struggling with the issue of obesity and excessive weight gain, another weight loss treatment option to consider is the Houston bariatric surgery.
Houston Bariatric Surgery is a surgical intervention performed for severe and excessively obese people to help them reduce weight. This procedure restricts food intake and lessens food absorption in the stomach and intestines.
This intervention interrupts the digestion process so that food absorption is cut down. In effect, the lessened food absorption in the digestion process often leads to weight loss. Also, it decreases the risk of developing problems such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, sleep apnea and other health risks.
Houston Bariatric Surgery Types
Houston Bariatric Surgery is often performed nowadays using the laparoscopic approach to reduce cuts and tissue damage, have fewer post-op complications and shorter hospital stays.
The four procedure types are the following: Adjustable Gastric Banding (AGB), Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB), Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG), and Biliopancreatic Diversion with a Duodenal Switch (BPD-DS). These procedures have their own pros and cons and choosing the right procedure often depends on factors such as BMI, eating habits, health complications, and past surgical histories. For a patient wanting to undergo Houston bariatric surgery, discussing the benefits and risks of each of type of surgery with an expert bariatric surgeon is a must in order to find out the best option.
Undergoing a Houston Bariatric Surgery should be considered carefully. It is a lifelong commitment of intensive diet modification and exercise plans. This procedure not only addresses health related issues but it also helps build a more positive body image.

This article talks about Houston Bariatric Surgery. In particular, it discusses how this procedure works. In addition to that, it also enlightens us with the options that a patient can go for according to what suits him/her the best.

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