How to Go About Selecting a Workers Compensation Attorney in Wichita

by | Nov 18, 2013 | Lawyers & Law Firms

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Injuries on the job happen quite frequently. If you have been injured while working, you may wish to hire a Workers Compensation Attorney in Wichita to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve while having your rights protected. The insurance company paying your claim has trained adjusters working for them and you deserve to have the same representation. Although you may believe that you can save money by taking the case on yourself, in the long run, you may find that you actually lost money. When should you hire an attorney and how should you go about finding one to properly represent you?

There are certain situations where a Workers Compensation Attorney in Wichita becomes essential. If you have been denied benefits by the insurance company or your employer tries to claim you weren’t injured on the job, you need to seek legal advice. The same is true if you aren’t being paid for the time lost from work or you are being told your medical bills are your responsibility. If you have been promised care or benefits, but you aren’t receiving them in a timely manner, a lawyer can be of assistance. When you feel a third party needs to be sued or when an attorney for the insurance company or your employer wants to depose you, contact an attorney immediately!

Make sure you spend some time researching various attorneys before you hire one to take your case. You want someone that not only has the skills needed to handle a case of your type, one that may significantly differ from other workers compensation cases, you want someone you feel comfortable with. Your case may take months or years to make its way through the system, depending on the extent of your injuries as well as many other factors, and you want someone you can develop a relationship with and work easily with during this time.

Most attorneys who work in this field do so on a contingency basis. The lawyer only gets paid if you do and their fee is a percentage of how much they obtain for you. You will want to compare the percentage rates charged by various attorneys when choosing, but this shouldn’t be your top priority. You deserve compensation and your attorney will work sure you get everything you deserve. Get in touch with Business Name.

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