Alternating current power and its many uses

by | Apr 1, 2015 | Business

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A wide range of tools, machines, and robotics all use alternating current or AC power to run properly and perform their tasks. At home, everything that uses electricity is using alternating current; this includes your lights, televisions, computers, heaters, air conditioning, kitchen appliances, and much more. Large industrial machines such as riveters and robotics cannot just plug into a standard port like you have in your house; they need much larger and much stronger amounts of power to run properly

AC power for robotics and their benefits

Robotics are used heavily in industrial applications for a few reasons; they can keep a steady pace for their entire shift unlike a human, they can lift massive weights, and they can perform intricate movements programmed from a computer that never vary from each repetition to the next. In the automotive manufacturing industry robots are quite common on the assembly lines and the welding lines as they can be exposed to extreme temperatures and hazardous fumes from arc welding which are dangerous to humans. Robotics are often used in the medical field as they can withstand radiation which could injure or kill human, and can move in a much more precise and delicate manner than the human hand can achieve. This is especially beneficial in bioengineering applications or pharmaceutical research. Many military applications robotics can be used for surveillance as well as weaponry manufacturing to achieve precise results which are not possible with a human crew.

The aerospace industry

This industry includes commercial airlines, military jets, and NASA rockets. Any equipment used within this industry not only requires massive amounts of power but is also specifically manufactured to withstand extreme pressures and abuse to protect the occupants inside. All power sources used in the NASA space program should be able to withstand heavy vibrations and high temperatures during an outer space mission or atmospheric reentry. Most alternating current used on aircraft and spacecraft will be done at 400 Hz to achieve a lighter weight overall.

What is alternating current?

Alternating current or AC as it’s commonly known is a type of electric power where the current will change or alternate its direction periodically. Quite simply this means both the current and the voltage and the direction in which it flows can change depending on the current needs and resistances of whatever machine is drawing the power.

When your application needs a reliable AC power source look no further than

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