6 Essential Qualities of Geriatric Home Care in Mclean, VA Feb15


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6 Essential Qualities of Geriatric Home Care in Mclean, VA

Aging is a natural and inevitable part of human life. Just like children, the elderly need properly accorded care. This is mainly because their old age raises their vulnerability scale, and carrying out regular tasks can become quite difficult. For this reason, home care was established to give the elderly a better life. Geriatric home care offers independence to the elderly by providing assistance at their place of residence. Below are a few tips to consider when selecting a geriatric home care facility in Mclean, VA.

24-Hour Availability

As a home care facility, 24-hour availability is a mandatory part of the process. Home care offering around-the-clock commitment guarantees availability in case of an emergency. It also gives the patient constant companionship from their caregiver all throughout the day.


Geriatric care personnel usually consists of nurses, social workers, and counselors. All of these professionals require proper accreditation before they can handle the job. Some tasks of a care manager include aid in addressing legal and financial issues, as well as managing complicated government benefits. The caregiver should also be able to assess the patient’s health status and records.


Dealing with a senior can be quite a tedious task. This is because most of their activities are undertaken at a snail-like pace. A caregiver that provides geriatric home care in Mclean, VA is required to exhibit patience in the care of seniors. This virtue will also aid in developing a bond between the patient and the caregiver.


Creative home care providers can generate new ideas and activities to help build the patient’s social life. This move helps the patient better their life quality and master new skills. It is also a good source of distraction in the event the patient is undergoing withdrawals.


As a caregiver, being empathetic means understanding to what the client is going through. This paves a way to give care to the patient and the family members better. This virtue also makes it easier to make decisions that favor the patient’s health care.


Care-giving situations can often turn messy. A caregiver is expected to be able to control situations when it gets out of hand.

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