3 Things to Know About Dermal Fillers in Minneapolis Oct30


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3 Things to Know About Dermal Fillers in Minneapolis

Lines and wrinkles in the face can prematurely age a person, causing a problem with his or her appearance. While there are lots of options to choose from when it comes to correcting this issue, many people turn to dermal fillers in Minneapolis area to get the job done. Before going ahead with the procedure, here are a couple important things to note.

All Fillers are Not Created Equal

To the average person, all dermal fillers in Minneapolis might seem to be the same. But, in reality, there are certain fillers that work well with certain parts of the body. To get ideal results, a consultation with a certified cosmetic professional is required. During the consultation, the types of results and types of dermal fillers to be used are important to discuss along with what areas of the body a person would like to treat. This will help the professional choose the best possible filler for the patient.

The Results are not Permanent

After having fillers injected into the body, the results can look fairly dramatic right away. In fact, many patients get that extra boost of self-confidence before even walking out the door. However, the results are not permanent. To keep up with the look, regular appointments are required. There is no one set time that the fillers will last for every patient. Because each person is different, results will vary. However, despite the need for additional treatments, most people appreciate the lack of downtime and scarring that come with plastic surgery.

It is Possible to Combine Treatments

When setting up an appointment, it is possible to have other work done in addition to fillers. Many patients have things like BOTOX® done at the same time to create an improved appearance all at one time. This also makes it easier to keep up with the maintenance required to maintain the look. If there are several areas of the face that need to be addressed, make an appointment with the Clinic Femina to learn more about the various treatments available and find out more about which procedures can be done during the same appointment.

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