Wondering About Glass Walls for Your Home or Office?

by | Jun 4, 2013 | Home Improvement

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A modern design element that brings new flare and freshness to your home or office, glass walls will truly make any space stand out from the ordinary and can provide functional style at a surprisingly affordable price (if you know where to look). The idea of glass walls may leave some homeowners or interior designers hesitant because of their fragility or lack of privacy, but advances in all types of glass walls have alleviated these common fears and made them more practical and valuable than ever.

New Floor Plans on the Fly
If you’re looking into permanent, fixed glass walls, here’s a piece of advice: keep looking. These days, the best option for either home or office is sliding glass room dividers and partitions. For a little more cost than a stationary wall, these sliding dividers open up the possibility of effortlessly changing your entire floor plan on the fly. Large spaces can easily be divided into more functional workstations and then opened back up to a large, shared floor in a matter of seconds. If you’re concerned about bulky floor tracks that get tripped over or frustrating doors that jam or get off their tracks, don’t worry. The best glass door builders put as much time into their rails and tracks as they do their glass.

The Right Choice isn’t Always Clear
Using crystal clear glass walls is a good decision for some applications, but it also means you lose the privacy and stylistic elements of other types of glass. What else is out there? You’re likely familiar with frosted glass, but do some research to check out the many different opacity levels and textures that come with types of milky, smoky and textured frosted glass. Also, look for a custom glass manufacturer that gives you the ability to only frost a certain portion of the wall. This gives you the flexibility to let maximum light flow through the space without giving up your privacy.

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