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When Muntz Metal is the Superior Choice

Brass is an alloy that’s created by blending copper and zinc. Sometimes other metals are used in trace to add distinct properties to the finished product. Not all brass, however, is exactly alike and sometimes certain classifications of this alloy are best suited for a project. Muntz metal, for example, tends to shine in some pretty specific applications.

What is Muntz Metal?

This type of metal is formed by creating a 60 percent copper, 40 percent zinc blend with a bit of iron added in for extra durability. It is named after its inventor, George Frederick Muntz, who crafted this metal composition in the 1830s.

Muntz metal is known for being highly resistant to corrosion. It is also very yellow in appearance and tends to be extra durable. This type of brass is harder than many other varieties and must be worked hot if forming and shaping are desired.

When to Use Muntz

This type of brass is highly sought after when appearance and durability both matter. One of its most famous uses was in the creation of the ship the Cutty Sark. The sleek gold appearance the ship is famed for came from the use of Muntz metal. This alloy was favored because of its workability when hot, its ability to stand up to the corrosive nature of salt water and its decorative appearance that lent a touch of glamor to this famous ship.

Today, the Muntz variety of brass is often used in such applications as:

1. Creating machine parts when corrosive resistance is a must;
2. Decorative applications;
3. Nautical uses

Finding Muntz Metal Bars

Muntz brass can be ordered directly from manufacturers and suppliers who deal in a wide variety of metals. This particular blend tends to be sold in flat bars meant for heating and shaping into the desired form. It’s possible to order Muntz in a variety of weights to serve small applications and large scale manufacturing operations both. When ordering this type of brass, look for the Muntz distinction or a c280 classification rating.

While Muntz can be especially useful n certain applications, it’s not always the best choice for every project. To make sure it’s right for your job, be sure to discuss the possibilities with your supplier before ordering.