What is Hard Water and How Can I Tell if I Have It? Jul06


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What is Hard Water and How Can I Tell if I Have It?

Hard water is not very well understood by most property owners such as homeowners, business owners, or landlords. Hard water has high levels of dissolved minerals – not at hazardous levels – but in such amounts that it can cause a variety of problems. These minerals are calcium, magnesium, and iron and they can have a variety of effects that can range from minorly annoying to very expensive to fix.

How hard your water depends on where you live and the kinds of rocks found there. Minerals are dissolved rock, they might be too small to see, but if you have hard water, you’re running rocks through your pipes, your appliances, and even bathing in dissolved rocks.

How to Tell if You have Hard Water

Local businesses like Schaefer’s Soft Water specialize in water softeners and iron filters. Using these additives and filters makes water better for your home and family and has some tips on how to tell if you have hard water.

1. There’s a lot of soap scum in your shower or tub. Calcium stops soaps from doing their jobs and from rinsing thoroughly.

2. Dishes look dingy even after coming out of the dishwasher.

3. You have low water pressure from the mineral buildup in your pipes.

4. You have a new water heater, but have a big gas or electric bill.

5. Your skin and hair are dry all the time, no matter what lotions or toiletries you use.

6. Your laundry feels hard and stiff; colors are faded, and whites turn grey.

Fix Your Water

If you have noticed any problems mentioned above, it’s a safe bet that you have hard water. Slinger WI, as part of the Madison area, does have a hard water problem with area water containing 18 to 20 grains per gallon. This level of dissolved minerals is classified by the Water Quality Association as very hard water. Using water softeners will help your water to work better in your appliances, lessen wear-and-tear on your pipes, and may even help your skin feel smoother and softer. Look for residential water softeners and experience water softener installation nearby for the most efficient and timely service.