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What Is a Root Canal?

If you have ever heard of a Root Canal in Chicago and been filled with dread, you are not alone. This is one of the most nerve-wracking procedures for most patients. However, nearly all of our patients state that the procedure was not as bad as they had expected after it is over. Going into your appointment with some information about what a root canal is and how it is accomplished can save you from needless worry and help you know how the recovery will look.

A root canal is sometimes referred to as endodontic therapy because it takes place inside the tooth. When a cavity extends so far into a tooth that it reaches the soft pulp at the center, you will need more than just a simple filling to heal the area fully. During the root canal, the problematic area of your mouth will be completely anesthetized before the tooth is drilled down so that the dentist can reach the center of the tooth. The diseased pulp is then removed and inert material is placed in the center of the tooth. Usually a crown is placed on top of the tooth to cap it.

We have several ways of keeping you comfortable throughout this process. Of course, a local anesthetic is injected into your gums before we go to work. However, if you are very anxious about your root canal, you may want to ask about sedation dentistry. Using oral or IV medications, we can help you rest comfortably throughout the procedure. You may not even remember what we did once the medication wears off.

If you need a Root Canal in Chicago, you want to choose a practice that you can trust. Chicago Dental Arts, found at ChicagoDentalArts.com, is an excellent choice.

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