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The Value Of Used Car Sales In Tucson

Buying a car is a multi-step process, the first step being the decision to buy new or buy used. Most peoples’ reflex reactions might jump to “new,” but the truth of the matter is that buying used cars and Used Trucks in Tucson gets you much more for your money. When you break down the costs, you’ll find that, even though they don’t have that factory-fresh shine or smell, used cars save you from paying ridiculous hidden costs and retain their value longer. Before writing used cars off of your list completely, there are a few things to know about Used Car Sales in Tucson.

Things to Consider When Buying Used over New

1. Used cars are substantially cheaper than new ones.

2. A new car depreciates in value by at least 30% in the first two years of ownership. As soon as you drive off the lot in a new car, it drops in value. After a few years, cars retain their value longer, meaning you can buy a used car and sell it for close to what you paid (if not make more money off of it) a few years down the line.

3. Used cars don’t have all of the fancy features you see in brand new cars, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The advertised price of most new cars at dealerships are the baseline models that don’t come with the features–they have to be added on for a price running in the $1000s of dollars per feature in some cases. High-grade car-radios that the purchaser can install, and other gadgets, are easily accessible and in some cases add value to your used car when the time comes to sell.

4. Insurance is sometimes cheaper for used cars. It’s not always the case, but it is another way to save money.

5. A lot of the costs in buying a new car have nothing to do with the car itself, and even when rebates, cutting hundreds of dollars off the price, are thrown in, there are still extraneous costs associated with the final sale price.

Used Car Sales in Tucson should be seen as an economical solution to the car-buying process. Used car dealers generally have high standards for what they put on their lot; they seek out low-mileage, late-model vehicles with no history of damage. You don’t get decades-old vehicles with chipping paint, you get quality cars without the fluff in pricing.