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Understanding Internet Sweepstakes in NC

If you are in North Carolina and paid attention to the news, you know that there have recently been some clashes between the law and owners of these businesses. The truth is, internet sweepstakes in NC have been banned in many forms, but there is still hope out there for those who are passionate about this type of business. There are some new laws in the works and some changes that could prove to be great for the state, as well as for business owners, should more laws be enacted.

Knowing What Internet Sweepstakes Are

If you aren’t extremely familiar with internet sweepstakes NC, essentially since 2008, and for some machines even longer, they have been banned in the state. However, thanks to new technology with these machines, as well as the way they are being utilized, it is possible to have some type of sweepstakes machines in the state, legally. To most people, internet sweepstakes are games played on a web connected video game machine. You will generally pay for time on the machines and during that time, if you are lucky, you can win credits. These credits can be used for a variety of things, similar to the way you win tickets for prizes at an amusement park. There is no gambling involved with these machines, nor do people who use them consider themselves to be gambling.

Why They are Banned

The North Carolina Supreme Court recently banned these games as they were, because there was essentially no clear line between gambling and the sweepstakes. In order to change this, businesses who design, support and sell these gaming machines are working hard to develop software that is not only compatible with the law, but also fun and exciting for those who play. This is not exactly easy, since it is a new way of thinking, yet they are making great strides. When you consider the law in North Carolina, as well as the determination of developers to get these games back on the market, you can probably expect them to come back sooner, rather than later. You can be sure that those who own or who have owned these businesses in the past will be continuously pushing for a resolution for this incident. Until then, it is best to speak with a legal representative before you buy any type of sweepstakes game machine for your business.