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The Importance of a Bail Bond Agent

When an individual finds themselves in jail, the first step they will take is finding a Bail Bond Agent to post their bail. The agent will then post their bail after collecting a nonrefundable fee for doing so, from either the defendant or the defendant’s family or friends. If the defendant does not have any money to the agent as security, the agent will collect collateral. In return, the bail agent will agree to pay the remaining amount owed to the courts should the defendant fail to appear.

There are many benefits aside from posting bail that come with hiring a bail bond agent. Following is a list of advantages and benefits of using bail.

  • Saves money- As the defendant who has hired a bail bondsman, you are only having to pay 10% of the original amount.
  • Time-saving– A bail agent can save an individual their time by having the funds readily available to post the bond amount.
  • Security and convenience- Smaller bail bond installments with cash, debit, or credit are made online rather than having to travel to a courthouse to pay the fines.

Professional guidance- The professional bail agent is assigned directly to you. This is beneficial for making sure the process is fully understood the entire time.

Contacting a Bail Bond Agent

Some defendants are able to gather information on which agent to call through family and friends, however for those who do not, following is a list of tips for making sure the right representative is hired.

Licensed and Insured- it is important to hire only a licensed Bail Bond Agent. An honest agent will be able to provide the individual with the proper credentials when asked.

Fees- Know what fees are associated with their services prior to accepting the assistance for bail. Not all bail bond agencies have the same fee structure.

Contracts- It is important to never work with a bail bondsman unless a written contract is provided. The document contains all the important aspects of the agreement. The agreement should include any fees, payment options, and terms. It should also provide how much the defendant will need to pay if they fail to appear in court.

Going to jail can be a stressful time for everyone involved. For a reputable and responsible bail bond agency, visit Strike Three Bonds, today. You can also visit them on Twitter for more information.

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