The benefits of sliding closet doors

Sliding closet doors have many benefits when compared to conventional hinged doors. One of the top benefits is the fact that the doors do not extend into the room; this means there can be less space between the closet doors and any other furniture in the room. This is ideal when the room is rather small but the homeowner wishes to have a large bed and dresser.

Hinged doors have to be hung from one side, this cantilevered installation method means that the weight of the door hangs from a single edge. This installation method has an effect on the materials that can be used for the door. Sliding doors offer more functionality and they can also include a popular material; glass. Mirrored surfaces, frosted glass and fully opaque glass types can be used, it is possible to mix and match, perhaps using a fully opaque glass on either side of a full length mirror.

When open, sliding closet doors offer a larger opening than a hinged door. A closet with sliding doors can be fitted with a wide variety of storage systems which accommodate your lifestyle. There are many manufactures of storage systems that are ideal for closets with sliding doors, anything from shoe racks to shelving to hanging rails and more.

Many people comment that due to the way sliding doors work, it is not possible to have more than one door open at a time. This is true if the doors are installed in a frame which sits in the closet opening but it is not true when the doors are hung from a track which is mounted external to the opening. This clever way of mounting allows both doors to be open at once by sliding them in opposite directions to one another. This method of mounting even allows a single sliding door to be installed and there is no need for a pocket to be constructed in the wall.

Although sliding doors are most often found in the bedroom, they do not have to be limited to this. There are areas in the home that are bound to be cluttered; an example is the laundry room or the hall closet. By installing sliding doors you can hide away those parts of the house that you would prefer not to have people see.