The Advantage of Wearing Dentures in Southaven, MS Apr11


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The Advantage of Wearing Dentures in Southaven, MS

It is unfortunate if something should happen to you and you lose your teeth. It becomes a source of social embarrassment when you are no longer able to flash your pearly whites. You don’t have to suffer as such, though. Fortunately, there are many alternatives. A dentist who replaces your missing teeth with Dentures in Southaven, MS wants to tell you how dentures can change your life for the better.

In general, dentures are simply replacement teeth (artificial) for your mouth. They are usually either plastic or a combination of mixture and plastic and metal. The plastic variety are typically full dentures and they rest upon the gums, while the combination variety are usually partials. Dentures come in two types, temporary dentures and the longer term dentures. The temporary dentures are in place until the healing takes place in your mouth after several extractions. The longer term dentures of course are neatly fitted to your particular mouth and will last from 5 to 7 years before needing replacement. Of course, if you have metal dentures (such as those with partials) they will last a bit longer.

The advantages of having dentures is this option is much cheaper than other alternatives, so thus, it is widely selected by those on a choice budget. It is also easier to make adjustments and/or additions, if you have to, when you wear the plastic dentures. By contrast, the negatives of dentures are that they must be cleaned and maintained daily, otherwise you are at risk for disease. Also, dentures have a way of sliding around or slipping out when you are eating or talking, especially when the adhesive has lost its effectiveness.

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