Technicians Providing Septic Tank System Services Near Magnolia Offer Helpful Tips to New Homeowners May14


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Technicians Providing Septic Tank System Services Near Magnolia Offer Helpful Tips to New Homeowners

When people move to a rural property and have a septic tank for the first time, there are several points they need to understand about caring for the system. Technicians who provide pumping, inspection and other Septic Tank System Services Near Magnolia are ready to answer any questions the new property owners have in regard to general usage and specifics.

Caring for the Drainfield

Some tips regard caring for the drainfield. For example, nobody should drive vehicles or park on the drainfield because that compacts the soil. Trees should not be planted there because roots can disrupt the system. Sump pumps and downspouts should not drain onto this field either.

Household Draining and Flushing

Septic tanks don’t need to be treated as though they are delicate, but the household residents still should be reasonable with the items they send to the tank. Tampons and other items that don’t biodegrade very well shouldn’t be flushed. Grease shouldn’t be poured down sink drains, and harsh chemicals like drain cleaners should be avoided. Otherwise, Septic Tank System Services Near Magnolia may need to be called sooner than would otherwise be the case. The tank might back up if it’s too full of debris or if the friendly bacteria in it have been killed by toxic chemicals.

Understanding the Limits of System Size

One aspect people tend to forget about is that the size of the septic system that was originally installed was geared for the number of people who would be using it regularly or would likely be using it in the future. A three-bedroom house built for a married couple, for instance, might have a septic tank that could be used for five people regularly with no problem.

If the house now is home to a family of five and they plan to have a lot of company over a weekend, they should consider the water usage. It may be inadvisable for all these people to shower consecutively, since that might overload the tank with excess water. More tips are available from technicians with a company such as Texas Pride Septic. Visit for more information.

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