Signs a Person Needs Oral Surgery in Salem OR

If a person has recently lost a tooth or experienced pain for several weeks, there’s no question that treatment is needed. However, a trip to the dentist isn’t enough. In fact, it may be a situation where Oral Surgery in Salem OR is needed.

Speak to a Dentist

If a person has an issue with their jaws, gums, or teeth, they should see their dentist right away, even if the pain is in the locations near or around the face or mouth. If it is an emergency situation and a dentist isn’t available, go to the ER. But this isn’t an ideal remedy as the doctor there is only going to provide symptom treatment

A dentist will be able to handle most oral problems and make a recommendation for Oral Surgery in Salem OR if needed. This will ensure the underlying issue is treated. Surgeons can help with an array of problems, with some of the most commonly found here.

Impacted Teeth

This usually occurs with a person’s wisdom teeth. However, it may occur in other parts of the mouth, too When the teeth initially come through the gums, they may be crowded, resulting in them not coming out all the way or at all. This can result in infections and sore gums.

The oral surgeon can make a recommendation for treatment. Usually, extraction can be done before the teeth become a serious issue.

Issues with the Jaw Joint

A person’s temporary and fibular joint is what connects the jaw to a person’s skull. It is the small “hinge” that are found in front of the ears. It may result in issues such as pain in the jaw, headaches, stiffness, and jaw-popping.

Ice packs, pain medication, and oral devices may help, but if the problem continues oral surgery may be needed. A dentist can help determine if this is necessary.

Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by seeking the care of a dentist or oral surgeon when needed. They can help with an array of dental issues and eliminate pain that a person may be experiencing. More information about this type of dental treatment can be found by visiting the website.

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