Satellite phones: Facilitating Commercial and Military Ventures with Greater Ease

by | Jul 11, 2012 | Communications

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Satellite phones are mobile communication devices that connect to low earth orbit satellites to transmit data around the world. They tend to be a bit bulky, they have a lag in the conversation due to the distance the signal travels, and they can be costly, yet depending on the circumstances and user they may be one of the more important tools. People tend to take for granted the connection they have with cell phones and expect them to work anywhere. A lot of people seem to be under the impression that satellite and cell phones are the same thing. Cell phones will only work where there are cell towers. They will not work in remote corners of the world, or even in some areas of treasured wildlife in America. For people who enjoy exploring the outdoors satellite phones are a vital safety tool. For business and military ventures they’re even more important and sensible.

Satellite phones can connect from anywhere. The calls can be pricey, and unless you’re rather well off you shouldn’t use one to catch up with your grandmother while backpacking through the Appalachians. For businesses though satellite phones can help employees stay safe and connected anywhere on the globe. From isolated pockets of American Wilderness to the perma-frost of the Arctic Circle, if there’s sky above the caller they can connect. Shipping, and resource extraction companies can benefit greatly from satellite phones since they reduce fears of cellular phone reception and range.

The military applications are obvious, communication and information are vitally important in any military or ssecurity operation. The ability to relay secure intelligence back and forth instantly without concerns over cell or radio range and coverage, is a godsend to military and security operations. People don’t appreciate it often, but most military operations, come down to intelligence and communication. The ability to know where all your forces are, and deploy them correctly against a good basis of knowledge of where your opponents are, makes proper strategic decision making much easier than ever before. No longer is it hanging the right amount of lamps from a tower, or sending a runner from Marathon to Athens, information can be relayed with, at most, a few second delay from the caller to the receiver. Be it military, or commercial ventures, satellite communication has made it possible to tie remote outposts to the headquarters. Satellite phones make this possible because they take their infrastructure with them anywhere.

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