How to remain Connected to Sales Prospects

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Education

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6118816_lAt the Sales Training Institute Chicago businesses attend to improve sales performance they understand the importance of remaining connected with their sales prospects. It is not enough to simply set up an appointment and make a presentation. It is important to remain connected to sales prospects in order to forge a better relationship and show them what you can do to help them. This makes it easier to make a sale as well as to provide them with a service they realize they cannot live without.

Pay Attention
Many sales people are too caught up in what they have to say to listen to what potential customers are asking. A good sales rep knows that they have to listen to customers in order to ascertain what they can do to help. Most potential customers will have many questions and even complaints during or following a sales presentation. If you are on the ball you will hear them make comments that will be little clues of how you can help them. It will allow you to zero in on a number of opportunities to reconnect with them. And it doesn’t have to be business comments necessarily. They might mention an upcoming birthday, that their wife is about to have a baby or just had one or that they have in-laws visiting from out of town. These are opportunities for you to offer them a small gift following the meeting such as a gift card for a local restaurant or a basket filled with baby products. They might also drop hints about something happening within their company that will indicate you might be meeting with the wrong team or department. There are many things you can pick up on to help you find a way to stay in touch, offer solutions and reconnect.

Remember to Follow Up
Following up is always important but it is better to follow up in a different way then just sending an email to see if they are interested. Again with everything you learned at the first meeting hopefully you heard something that will provide you with an opportunity. Think of your job as wooing someone you want to date and try to approach them on a more personal note to show them you go beyond the normal sales rep and pay attention to their interests, troubles and challenges. Rethink your services and what you have to offer them and come back with a better idea to answer their needs.

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