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Professional and On-Budget Engineering in Gulfport, MS

Land development and engineering services with a reputation for excellence and remaining on-budget are rare. Fortunately, there is a company that meets these qualities. O’Neal-Bond Engineering, Inc. is an engineering and development firm established in 1969, that has more than 40 years of experience providing their clients with projects that are superior in quality. President and owner, Jonathan K. Bond, is the lead contact for this company. Their clients include private individuals, government and commercial entities. This firm is well known for their professionalism and projects that are completed on time.

O’Neal-Bond Engineering provides a service for Engineering in Gulfport, MS. Some of the largest jobs they have completed are the Katrina Go-Zone project in Lumberton, Mississippi and the Stone County FEMA Debris Removal Contract, after the devastation that Hurricane Katrina caused in 2007. They also provide land development, subdivision development, environmental engineering, civil engineering, surveying, urban design, urban landscaping, highways and bridges. Land development services can be performed to change natural land-forms for agriculture, housing or a commercial business. If you have water or water waste needs, this engineering firm can design, survey and create a plan for your project.

O’Neal-Bond Engineering has many prestigious appointments, such as the City Engineer for the City of Lumberton, Mississippi and the Stone County Economic Development Partnership Engineer of Record. Their technical staff has the training and experience in almost every phase of the land development and engineering process. They will consult with you on environmental issues and the estimated time of completion. This firm will perform an inspection service that will provide state and federal permits.

If your business is considering a new construction, consider using a firm that has experience in exceptional Engineering in Gulfport, MS. You know you do not want to be worried about your project’s budget staying intact, and if the work is being completed in a timely manner. O’Neal-Bond Engineering has been serving Mississippi for almost half a century, providing cost effective projects on your chosen time table. They will make sure that your construction will be built to last, with the correct permits and all within the contracted budget. Take a look at O’Neal-Bond Engineering’s website for more facts about this firm.