Options In Large And Small Lead Counterweights

Counterweights are used in a wide variety of different applications. They can be used as bridge weights as well as in elevator systems. They can be used in agricultural equipment, heavy equipment such as cranes and lifts as well as in architectural designs.

A counterweight is used to offset the opposing weight and to create a balance. It also provides stability for a system, allowing for a part or component to remain in a particular position relative to the rest of the system.

Lead, with its heavy, dense nature is a perfect counterweight material. With different options in lead counterweights, it is possible to create the ideal system to safely operate equipment, bridges, elevators or to create a stable balance.

Standard Sizes

Most companies manufacturing lead counterweights for bridges use a standard size of weight. These bridge weights are typically 150 pounds each and can be stacked or used in the design of the bridge to offer the desired amount of counterweight.

Not all bridges or applications are configured for these standard weights, so other options are available.

Custom Designed Cast Counterweights

Finding a lead manufacturer offering custom cast or custom poured lead ballasts and counterweights allows for the design and production of a counterweight that is customized to the specific requirements of the application. This includes oversized requirements for counterweights or for smaller lead counterweights that have to fit into very specific spaces in the equipment or system design.

Shot Ballast

In some applications, the best option for a counterweight is not a solid weight. This is important for both heavy and light applications and allows for lead shot to be used in specially designed, heavy-duty bags. These bags can be lowered into a space, and the lead shot then levels out, filling in the available space without having to be removed from the bag.

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