Learning How to Clean Your Drains

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Plumbing and Plumbers

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There are many ways that you can choose to perform drain cleaning in Livonia in order to keep your drains running smoothly. Most people will run straight for the drain cleaning chemicals and use those. While these might be effective at cleaning out your drains, it is important to try a few other methods before resorting to this method due to the fact that chemical cleaners can hurt your septic system, kill off important organisms and bacteria living in your drains, and are just not good for your drains unless used as a last resort. Some of the steps that you can take for drain cleaning in Livonia include checking the trap, running some hot water through for a couple days, using drain cleaner, and calling in a professional.

Check the Trap

The first thing that you should try before even thinking about buying chemical cleaners is to check out the trap. You will have to look on your particular model of drain to find where the trap is, but there are many times where you will be able to just clean this out and the drain will work just fine again. This is a simple way to help maintain your drains and you should routinely clean this out as much as possible.

Run Hot Water

If checking the trap does not work, it is important to try running hot water through the system to see if that will help. You can use this as part of your routine maintenance of your drains and turn on the hot water every few days. This will help to get rid of odors in your sink and break up some of the bad bacteria that are sitting in them.

Drain Cleaner

If checking the trap and running hot water are not helping with your drain cleaning in Livonia problem then it is time to think about a drain cleaning chemical. These chemicals will do the job of cleaning out your drain; unfortunately, they will also get rid of all the helpful organisms in your drain. These organisms are there to help break up the other things that get stuck in your drain and help prevent additional clogging problems. Using these chemical cleaners should be a last resort when nothing else is working and follow all instructions on the packaging carefully.


If you have tried all three of the steps that are listed above and you still feel like your drain is clogged, it is time to call in an expert that performs drain cleaning in Livonia to assist you. They will have the tools to get deep into the system to determine the problem and get it fixed for you right away. Make sure to find a reliable professional who will do a great job on your drains.

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