Know the State Gun Laws – Consult a Criminal Defense Attorney in Oshkosh WI

When people talk about gun laws, it covers a variety of subjects including possession, selling and the use of the weapon. Each of these subjects is legislated with a law of its own and a mix up often results in unintentional criminal involvement. Whenever a convicted case involving firearms is brought to the floor, a state judiciary system starts by studying the subject of possession. If the possession of the weapon can be proved illegal, everything that follows, automatically gets classified as a crime.

Do You Need a Permit of Possession in Oshkosh WI?

In Oshkosh WI, you do not need a state permit for possessing a rifle, shotgun, or handgun. No licensing is required and neither registration of these firearms. However, permit to carry is required in some cases for which you need to consult a criminal defence attorney in Oshkosh WI to avoid any violation of law.

Does that Mean Anyone Can Have a Weapon in Oklahoma?

Well this is also not true. For you may not need a permit or license to own a weapon, you may still be convicted against a criminal offense if you possess firearms in following cases:

  • If you are aged less than 18 years, you cannot possess a rifle, shotgun, or a handgun. However if the firearm is meant for education, hunting or sporting purposes, the state does leverage flexibility.

  • Ask any criminal attorney in Oshkosh WI and you will be advised on not possessing a firearm if you have been charged against felony in past.

  • If you are being monitored by Oshkosh WI Department of Correction, you are not allowed to possess a firearm.

Need a Criminal Attorney?

Do you believe you have been wrongly convicted? Did you possess a firearm that was bought for sporting purposes? You don’t have to worry. Gregory Wright Law Offices S.C have a vast experience in handling criminal laws with a high success rate, making sure that our clients get accomplished services. Schedule an appointment now for free consultation. Like us on Facebook.

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