What to Know about Dentist Implants in Verona

Tooth loss can result from mechanical failure, dental disease, trauma, and hereditary absence. When there is a loss of one or more teeth in a person’s mouth, it can cause in eating, drinking, and speech problems. To correct the loss of teeth, many dental patients use removable dentures or bridges. Other people choose to use Dentist Implants in Verona. These dental prostheses help patients avoid many problems associated with natural tooth loss. Learn about these dental devices to see if they are right for you.

A dental implant is a dental device to replace a missing tooth. Technically, a dental implant is a surgical component inserted into the jawbone where a tooth root once was. However, most people think of this root replacement as the dental implant, the restorative device it supports, and the abutment. The restorative device can be a crown, bridge, or an entire denture. The abutment is the connector that secures the dental implant to the restorative device. The dental implant can’t be seen because it’s below the gum-line.

When a dental implant is inserted into the jawbone of a person, it’s hoped that the surrounding tissue will bond to it like it’s living tissue. This is known as osseointegration. This natural process is necessary for the dental implant to support an overlying crown or denture. When this fails, it can result in the dental implant loosening and even falling out. For this reason, a dentist will perform a comprehensive examination to see if a person qualifies to receive dental implants. During this evaluation, X-rays will be taken of a person’s jaws. Many dentists use CT scans since these X-rays offer accurate and comprehensive images. A dentist will also assess for signs indicative of gum disease. He will also perform a clinical examination of the patient’s mouth and have dental impressions made to view the condition of the patient’s bite.

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