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How to Decipher Powder Coating Machines

Choosing the best providers for your products can be a difficult task. Whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran in the industry who’s grappling with new technologies, finding the perfect match to deliver your desired output is taxing. It’s no different when it comes to installing a new coating line.
Here’s how to avoid a flop, and ensure you choose the perfect powder coating machine fit for your business:

How it Works

Powder coating isn’t as complex as one may initially think. Though there are certainly a series of steps to go through, the process is understandable once you get the hang of it. The first step to powder coating is cleaning the metal parts for coating. Afterwards, the metal is coated with fine powder, before it is put in a curing oven. This melts the metal part and flow into a uniform coating. Once the melted powder cools down, you have the coated final product.

Why Choose Powder Coating

Powder coating doesn’t just look good, there’s a reason why it’s gaining traction in the manufacturing sector. Powder coating doesn’t cost as much as traditional paint coating, since it doesn’t contain solvents which are potentially harmful to the environment. Manufacturers don’t have to worry about buying costly pollution control equipment. In addition to all this, powder coated products help protect products from rough handling, and reduces the risk of scratches and other breaking issues in the finished product.

How to Choose the Perfect Powder Coating Machine

Outside the other steps of the powder coating process, from pretreatment to curing, the actual powder coating itself requires a special powder gun that will efficiently cover your product in powder. While there are plenty of these products on the market, remember to use professional powder coating machinery in order to ensure the best quality.