How Can A Disability Claims Advocate In Temecula, CA Help You? Dec05


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How Can A Disability Claims Advocate In Temecula, CA Help You?

In California, Social Security Administration provides thousands of disabled individuals with disability benefits each year. The benefits provide the claimant with a means to support themselves financially. A Disability Claims Advocate in Temecula CA assist claimants who were denied benefits.

Enforcing the Rights of Claimants

The attorneys assist disabled claimants by appealing the decision of the Social Security Administration or filing a legal claim. The disabled claimant has the right to appeal any decision made by the federal agency and enforce their rights to a reconsideration.

Securing Conclusive Information

The attorney reviews all medical information submitted by the claimant when they apply for their chosen program for Social Security Disability benefits. The assessment determines if the claimant’s initial application was strong enough to secure the disability benefits. If not, the attorney could request more thorough medical records from the claimant’s doctor.

The Testimony of the Doctor

The doctor providing medical treatment for the disabled individual could offer their testimony in court. With the claimant’s permission, the doctor can discuss the claimant’s condition with the judge more openly. He or she can disclose details that show the claimant’s inability to work and support themselves. The testimony should include the date in which the condition was diagnosed and what treatments were provided. If the condition presents a debilitative state for the patient, the doctor must provide further information about the condition’s effects.

Submitting the Claim Through the Court

The legal claim includes vital details about the claimant’s condition and their inability to work. The claimant must provide a starting date for their condition. The starting date is the date in which benefits should have been obtained. If the claimant is approved through the court, they receive a settlement that includes benefits calculations beginning on the date of diagnosis.

In California, Social Security Administration offers disability benefits to individuals who are no longer able to work. Supplemental Security Income is paid to individuals who have never worked, and Social Security Disability Insurance is provided to workers who were injured or developed a disability. Claimants who need assistance from a Disability Claims Advocate in Temecula CA are encouraged to contact Eric R. Hunt Attorney right now. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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