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How A Bail Bond Agent Can Get Your Loved One Free From Jail

Suspects of minor crimes are usually released after a citation is read to them. The citation includes the date of their court hearing. However, suspects of serious crimes usually land in jail where they are booked. These suspects are then subject to bail after booking. The bail amount is decided upon by a judge depending on several factors including the seriousness of the crime and the danger that the suspect pose.

Bail is an agreement between the suspect and the court wherein it guarantees the appearance of the suspect to all of his or her court dates. The bail amount is deposited by the bail bond agent, family, friend, relative, or attorney of the suspect. Posting bail will lead to the temporary release of the suspect from the police custody. However, it also serves as a surety that the suspect will make all of his or her required court appearance.

The bail amount can amount to thousands of dollars depending on the severity of the crime and the dangers that the release of the suspect can pose to the community. For this reason, there are times when the bail amount is too much for an average person. This is when the defendant can employ the services of a bail bond agent from a reputable and credible bail bond company.

Typically, a friend, relative, or family member of the suspect will arrange the bail with the bail bond agency which makes them the co-signer. They will have to pay the 10% of the bail amount and the bail bond agent will take care of the rest.

Before the bail bond agent posts the bail, he or she will first conduct an initial consultation with the suspect. The initial consultation will include the basic information and details regarding the defendant and assessing the risks involved in undertaking a bail bond. If everything goes according to plan, the bail process will be finished within 1 to 2 hours.

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