Hot House? Call an Air Conditioning Repair Company in Minnetonka

by | May 24, 2013 | Heating & Air conditioning

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Often it’s the winter storms and hurricanes that garner the most attention. However, a little research will show that it’s the heatwaves that kill the most people. Several studies estimate that between 43,000 and 70,000 people died during the 2003 European heatwave. So while it is certainly important for a person’s comfort to have a working air conditioner, it’s just as important for their health. If that system breaks down during a heatwave, it’s critical that they have a reliable Air Conditioning Repair Minnetonka contractor to call.

All homeowners should have their air conditioning system inspected once a year. The technician can take a look at the overall condition of the unit. Then he can carefully inspect the motor, fans, belts, valves and vents to make sure that they are all in good condition. He’ll pay special attention to the air filter. Some units use permanent filters. The technician will just clean this, let it dry and put it back. Other units use disposable filters. In this case the technician takes out the old filter and puts in a new one. A clean filter keeps the air conditioning unit working at peak efficiency. It also keeps the air in the house cleaner and free of allergens, mold and mildew. If the homeowner doesn’t know how to check the filters, they should ask the Air Conditioning Repair Minnetonka technician to show them how. During peak cooling season, the filter should be checked once a month.

A homeowner should checkout the background of the air conditioning company that they choose to install the system, because this will probably be the person that they have maintain it as well. All of the technicians should have background checks and be subject to drug tests as well. Many times a homeowner will have to have them in their house late at night. Often this is a single woman. It is important for her to know that she and any children in the house are safe. The technician should be factory trained and certified on all of the major brands of air conditioners. This guarantees that they know the best way to maintain and repair them.

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