Home Roof Repair in Neenah for Metal Material That Starts Leaking

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Roofing Contractors

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Prospective home buyers are typically happy when they find a place they love that has a metal roof, especially if that roof is relatively new. Unfortunately, if there were any problems with the installation, leaks can develop some years after the project was completed. For home roof repair in Neenah, these homeowners will want to find a reputable contractor with significant experience in installing and repairing metal roof systems.

Metal Roofing Longevity

People get excited about buying a home with a metal roof because they know they probably won’t ever have to replace it. The material is very durable and doesn’t deteriorate the way asphalt shingles gradually do. If they were to buy a house with asphalt shingles, they might not have the money to eventually replace the roof with metal, since metal roofing costs more. Finding a house to buy that already has a metal roof is ideal.

Warranty Considerations

The warranty on a metal roof should be at least ten years from the manufacturer in case of product defects. However, the contractor is usually only liable for a much shorter time. The manufacturer might require the contractor to provide a labor warranty for at least two to five years, but problems that develop after that will not be covered unless the roofer provides a longer guarantee. The people who bought the house will probably want to hire a different contractor providing home roof repair in Neenah as they may not trust the one who did the faulty installation work.

Concluding Thoughts

The previous homeowners can’t be held liable for the leaky roof unless they knew about the problem and didn’t disclose it. If the problem does not develop for several months after the purchase, this may have been the first sign of a leak. The people who now own the house must get the situation resolved and pay for the repair work. After this is done by a contractor such as Motto & Sons Construction, they can rest assured they shouldn’t need any other work done on the roof unless a storm causes damage. Click here for details on this particular contractor.

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