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Should You Get Invisalign in St. Louis

Missouri dental patients can acquire a better alternative to traditional braces by visiting their local dentist’s office. A common issue reported by patients associated with metal braces is the pain. These options scrap the cheeks and gums, causing severe irritation. Fortunately, today’s dental patients are not restricted to these options alone. If you wish to learn more about Invisalign in St. Louis now, you should contact Forest Park Dental immediately.

The Benefits of Invisalign

Dentists generate Invisalign braces by collecting a mold of the patient’s teeth. The braces are constructed of flexible acrylic, which doesn’t require permanent installation. In fact, the wearer receives a new set at each milestone of the process. Typically, they receive these newer sets within two week periods.

Removable Braces as an Alternative

Another complaint addressed by Invisalign is that the patient can remove them to brush their teeth. This is not the case with traditional braces. The metal options could lead to toothbrush bristles to become stuck in the wiring. The patient also cannot clean the areas in which the braces are secured to their teeth. For some patients, discoloration is probable in these areas.

A Reduction of Wear

With Invisalign, the patient doesn’t have to wear them for a duration as long as metal braces. Some patients are required to wear the traditional choices for up to two years before their alignment issues are addressed completely. With Invisalign, patients with slight alignment issues could stop wearing them after a few months.

Who Cannot Wear Invisalign

Patients with severe overcrowding or consistent alignment issues are not viable candidates for these braces. While they apply adequate force to straighten the teeth, it is difficult for the dentist to create an acrylic option to fit the teeth correctly. When this is the case, the patient should consider other options.

Patients who have alignment issues and wish to acquire braces should review all options available to them. In some cases, they can acquire Invisalign in St. Louis to correct these problems. These options provide them with more freedom than traditional braces and eliminate the pain associated with straightening. If you wish to learn more about these options, you should contact your preferred dental professional and schedule an appointment today.