Different types of equipment for kickboxing

by | Jan 23, 2014 | Shopping

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Kickboxing is an ancient sport which had its origins in Japan; today it is a popular sport that provides a great workout as well as training for self-defense. Kick boxing is considered as one of the many forms of martial arts, most of which originated in Asia. In kickboxing, as the name implies, the proponent uses both hands and feet for full benefit. This is a full contact martial art so it is extremely important that the combatants are well protected with kick boxing equipment which includes mouth guards, shin guards and special boxing gloves.

Without a doubt one of the most important pieces of kick boxing equipment is a mouth guard. A good mouth guard is needed to protect the teeth and jaw of the fighter, whether engaged in a match or simply sparing. There are different types of mouth guards available; boil and bite, stock guards and custom made guards. Most athletes’ that take kick boxing seriously invest in custom mouth guards which are made by the boxer’s dentist.

All fighters wear boxing gloves; these gloves protect the fighter’s hands from injury. Depending on the situation, these gloves are available in different weights. A heavy weighted glove indicates that the glove is padded more. The typical glove that is worn during a match is lighter than a sparring glove; a match glove typically weighs between 8 and 10 ounces.

In lick boxing, the fighters are bare footed; this gives them the opportunity to lash out at their opponent with their feet. Often the target of the kick is the knees of the opponent and as such, shin and knee pads are worn as protection from what can be very hard kicks. Boxers can select from all leather pads or foam filled synthetics. The leather shin pads are a little heavier than the foam filled version but they do provide better protection. In most cases, the boxer tends to go for light weight shin pads as they do not restrict movement as much.

Without the right kick boxing equipment a boxer can be injured. Other than the mouth guard, gloves and shin pads many boxers wear a proactive helmet and light weight shoes. Safety is always the primary consideration in this sport. For a complete range of high quality kick boxing equipment you are invited to shop online at


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