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Why a Detached Garage Works Well

Most contractors can tell you that detached garages are underrated and under appreciated. Most people do not understand that detached garages have various functional and storage benefits. Because of this, if you have a choice between building an attached or detached garage you may consider the detached.

While a detached garage can be more expensive, it is best to speak with your garage contractor for the best garage prices in Highland in order to determine if your budget is high enough to build one.

Property Layout

Not all properties are laid out so that a detached garage is feasible. However, once all the permits are pulled, the exact size of your garage determined, you can decide if a detached garage is your best choice.

Working Area

If you are going to use the garage for not just keeping vehicles, but for working, then a detached garage works well. By not being attached to the home, the garage can have all the equipment needed inside that could, at times, make loud noises and disturb the occupants in your house if it were attached to the home.

Detached garages are also an advantage if you have a hobby or extra work that require the use of special chemicals, glues, or other toxins that give off odors. If the garage were attached to the home, those odors could not only become offensive but dangerous for those inside the home, whereas if the garage is detached, the odor would be diffused by the time it reaches the home.


Many different plans exist for detached garages. Today, with technology making huge advances, your garage contractor can give you all the choices you need to pick the one that best fits your needs. Most contractors have plans in digital format that make it easy to make adjustments to sizes and shapes allowing you to have you’re made to order detached garage.

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