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Design Your Florida College Home so That it Feels Like Your Own

An apartment of your own while you’re in college can be a big step and one that allows you to explore your personality a bit more. Before moving into your new home, there are some design ideas that you can keep in mind that can make your apartment feel like your own space.


From baskets that you hang on the walls to ones that you keep in cabinets, baskets can help you stay organized living in FSU off campus housing. With various sizes that are available, you can usually find baskets that can be placed in every room, such as the bathroom for your toiletries or the kitchen for spices and baking utensils. Large baskets can be used to store blankets and pillows that you frequently use.


While nightstands are commonly used for a place to keep your alarm clock or a lamp, you can also use this piece of furniture in FSU off campus housing for additional storage. Try to find stands that have multiple shelves or drawers so that you have somewhere to keep books that you like to read, a blanket, or a few decorations to spruce up your bedroom. If you have a small home or an apartment, then this can be an ideal space-saving idea.


If you have a laundry room, don’t forget to decorate this space as well so that you want to keep your clothes washed. Shelves can be installed above the machines for storing detergent and other supplies. You can also get hooks for the walls for hanging a broom or mop so that they don’t clutter your home.

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