Considerations when buying a pool

by | Nov 20, 2013 | Swimming Pool

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Here is a simple comparison between above ground and inground pools to help you decide which style best suits your budget as well as your lifestyle and yard.

Above Ground Pools
Most people are surprised to see how far above ground pools have improved in both design options as well the quality. Above ground Long Island pools are available at a fraction of the cost of an in-ground pool yet families can enjoy the same pleasures offered by inground pools. Above ground pools are family friendly as you cannot fall into an above ground pool unlike inground pools which are at ground level for small children to easily topple into. Above ground pools have a dangerous slope leading from the shallow end to the deep end whereas above ground pools are one level. They are perfect for games such as volley ball and basket ball for family and friends and of course for general swimming. They come in far more sizes and configurations than years gone by and fit well in small yards. Best of all they can be installed within two days. They are harder to get into so not as good for seniors. Above ground pools are less maintenance due to their higher level which makes it harder to collect debris even in high winds. They also stay warmer making them more affordable to heat.

In-ground pools
Long Island In-ground pools are ideal for larger yards. They serve to become a major part of your yard’s design and landscaping scheme and often become a key feature or focal point of your yard. Inground pools are the ultimate pool experience and come in many low maintenance materials such as fibre glass pools. Inground pools have a higher end look and are perfect for retired couples and families with older children. This is because smaller children can easily fall into an inground pool without warning. For the ultimate in configuration and design inground pools provide endless possibilities to suit any taste or budget. In-ground pools tend to be easier to enter another reason they are ideal for seniors. They use ground level steps for easy access. In-ground pool installation can take as little as 3-5 days or much longer depending on the detail of the design.

You can speak to your Long Island pools expert and take a look at all of the options available before you make your final decision.

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