Climate controlled storage has advantages

by | Dec 3, 2013 | Moving and Storage

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People have a tendency to hang onto things forever, sooner or later though the basement and garage is full and the homeowner either has a massive garage sale or rents one of the many self-storage units that have increased in popularity over the last few years. There are a number of different options available for these storage units; one is climate controlled storage in Los Angeles. Although climate controlled storage is somewhat more expensive than a regular unit, it has its advantages.

There is no industry standard that defines what “climate control” actually is but it is understood to mean that the interior temperature will never fall below freezing and never go above 90 degrees F. Before the unit is rented, it is wise to check the definition as the goods you wish to store may require different parameters than the storage company offers.

Most climate control storage in Los Angeles is indoors and not subjected to the same climatic conditions that regular storage units are. Although all units are secure and the renter can lock the unit, the outdoor units are subjected to dust and dirt that eventually finds its way inside. If the objects that you wish to store are works of art or perhaps fragile antiques, this environment is not recommended.

As the majority of the climate controlled units are indoors it is easy for the building owner to regulate the temperature as well as the humidity. Many items that are destined for storage can easily be damaged if the temperature variation is great or there are wide variances in humidity. Wooden furniture in particular can easily crack or split in an environment which is not controlled. Many climate controlled storage units are heated and cooled to maintain regularity.

When storage units are located in a central facility which is indoors there is less chance of infestation from insects of vermin. As the units are in a building which will be metal framed or concrete, an infestation of such damaging insects as termites is remote; this is also true for pests such as wasps or bees.
When people store valuable antiques and or a family heirloom there is a need for peace of mind, this is hard to get when the items are not in climate control storage in Los Angeles.

Climate control storage in Los Angeles is available at ArtPACK. The storage units are available for short or long term rental and provide museum quality storage for your valuables.


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