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Choosing Moving Companies in St. Paul

The St. Paul area is home to so many different Moving Companies that it can make the choice rather difficult. The best way to choose a mover who stands above all the rest is to ask a couple of key questions. If a potential mover can answer all of the following questions the right way, they are clearly an experienced company that knows how to prepare for all eventualities when doing moving jobs.

1. Does the mover have insurance? The question of insurance is a particularly important one when it comes to moves. There may be accidents while moving, even when the most careful and skillful moving companies are chosen. Some of the items being moved may be broken, cracked, or otherwise damaged. Sometimes items even get lost between the old home and the new one. If the mover has insurance, they are able to fully cover the cost of things like this.

2. Does the mover offer any guarantee? Moving on the day that it was actually planned is very important. A delay of even a few hours can throw plans into disarray. A reliable moving company will make plans to be there on a certain day and time, and they will back that up with a guarantee. If a mover can’t promise to be there when you need them, they may not be very useful to you.

3. How are estimates done? Every moving company may approach estimates differently. Some companies will come to your home ahead of the move and make an estimate in person while others will do an estimate over the phone. It is important to know whether the estimates are done based on the total weight of the moved items, or whether they use some other method to calculate customer costs. The estimate should be a firm figure that leaves only a slight area for adjustments. For example, if a mover gives an estimate that turns out to greatly underestimate the weight of the items being moved, the mover should not be able to suddenly double the charge. When looking for reliable and experienced local Moving Companies, consider Action Moving Services Inc. today!

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