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Why Bible Prophecy Is So Important In Our Lives

Many people do not have the level of spirituality in their lives that they desire, and they find the whole bible prophecy process very hard to fathom. Some people believe that the end will eventually come, but there are just as many naysayers as there are believers due to the false prophecy predictions that have been publicized over the years. This is a real tragedy, since Jesus Christ our lord clearly demonstrates in the bible the importance of prophecy in our lives. A great deal of the communication that is in the bible is based on future happenings. Since this is the case, it should be given a great deal of credence.

Understanding Prophecy Brings Strength and Confidence

Even though many Christians don’t feel the need to understand prophecy, they should embrace it wholeheartedly. In Thessalonians, we are given the indication that if we have an understanding of Christian prophecy, then we will enjoy more stability and strength in our lives. Part of having stability in our current lives is in knowing how and where we will be in eternity. John 3:16 clearly states that whoever believes in God will spend eternity with him to have everlasting life. That certainty can help us to determine our purpose in life, to feel better spiritually and emotionally. Bishop Bernard Jordan of Zoe ministries is one of the most renowned master prophets in the world. His readings are amazingly accurate, and he offers free personal prophecy readings online.

Confirming Our Faith in God’s Word

Prophecy is a way for people to stay in touch with their true spiritual sense, so that they remain faithful to Christ throughout their lives. It can also confirm the faith that we have in God’s word. The bible is full of predictions that have come to fruition, and we can clearly see that God’s word is true when we see how those prophecies came to pass. Bible prophecy can allow us to learn a great deal about God. As we gain an understanding in God and what he expects and how he works, then we will have more comfort and encouragement in our lives. God has shown us that life does not end after death. We will have eternal salvation with him, as long as we believe.

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