Becoming a Computer Technician And What You Need

by | Dec 5, 2013 | Computer and Internet

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Computer repair in Long Island NY is available via a series of trained professional computer service technicians that have spent years to learn their trade. However, there are also some people out there who claim to be professional but can do serious damage to your computer if you are an unsuspecting customer.  To become a computer technician you pretty much need to start with an aptitude for computers, including a need to understand how they work. When a person wants to get inside the workings of a computer and figure it out, those people are the ideal candidates for a technicians job. They like to figure out how things works, how things break, why things break and most importantly, how to fix them.

They love the challenge of fixing something that can seem quite impossible and the love the feeling of succeeding at their job. There are different levels of education needed for various types of computer technician. Those who put together the hardware aspect and build the computers would generally have some kind of degree or post graduate education in computer science or information technology.

Other such areas of computer repairs included the removal of spyware, malware, viruses, and faulty programs. Any computer can malfunction at any moment, without apparent reason. To the untrained user you might see BSOD—known as the Blue Screen of Death—which shows up as a blue screen with white print. Most people have no idea how to respond when they see the BSOD but their first instinct it to turn the computer off and reboot it. This sometimes works, but other times can be an introduction to more trouble. It is then that the repair technician comes into their own.

Formatting and Partitioning

A technician needs to understand how to format the hard drive and partition the new drive to accept the operating system. They also have to understand programming techniques to some degree, although it is not vital for simply repairing most computers. Partitioning a newly formatted hard drive is not necessary but preferred. Creating a formatted section for the main operating system is usually so that you can partition it from a recovery drive, where the recovery software is stored.

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