Be Proactive to Keep Your Lawn and Gardens in Tip-Top Shape in Boulder, CO Jan14


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Be Proactive to Keep Your Lawn and Gardens in Tip-Top Shape in Boulder, CO

You’ve learned by experience that a beautiful lawn takes work. The same holds true about your gardens. You can’t leave them alone and hope for the best. Proper watering, weeding, and fertilization are a must to help your yard live up to your expectations. Pest control in Boulder, CO, is an important part of your lawn maintenance plan as well.

You want to keep those insects away that can be a menace to everything green. Beetles, grubs, fire ants, a variety of worms, and fungi can wreak havoc on your yard and garden. Putting a lawn care plan in place that will help you to eliminate pests is a step in the right direction.

Make Sure You Have a Plan to Take Care of Your Lawn

Pest control in Boulder, CO, is only one component of your maintenance plan for your lawn and gardens. You need an action plan that will begin in early spring and last through the fall. Lawn maintenance professionals can assist you in determining what your lawn needs all year long. Spring is a time for clean-up, planting, fertilization, planting, and the use of pesticides to eliminate weeds. This is the best time to begin landscaping as well.

You can consider sprinkler installation or have your current system serviced. More fertilization, planting, weeding, and mowing will be a focus in the summer. Fall is the time for raking, winterizing for your young trees and shrubs, and pruning. Find out how Ward’s Lawn Service, Inc. can assist you with lawn care at

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