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The Art Of Crating For Artwork Shipping

If you find it necessary to send a piece of art or an antique across the country or down the block and live in California, you need to know what artwork shipping company in Los Angeles can do the best job. It is important they are capable of handling the artwork you plan to send. This requires professionals who understand what exactly is required. Shipping jobs of this nature also demand the company understand how to best pack the items for their trip.

If an artwork shipping company is a valid concern, you will be able to tell in a number of ways. One of the more significant identifying characteristics – one that separates the pros from the amateurs, is packing. A company that specializes in shipping artwork, knows how to pack items appropriately. It and its agents/employees, have become experts in the fine art of crating.

Crating: A Measure of an Artwork Shipping Company

Packing is a science; crating is an art. It takes experience and skill to select the right crate for the packing job. It takes a trained eye to ascertain the right crate for the job. It also takes accomplished individuals to know how to create a crate when none they have is right for the job.

Yet, why are crates so important? They must provide protection and a safe ride from acceptance to delivery. As a result, a suitable crate has to meet certain criteria. Among the most basic are the following:

* The Proper Size and Shape: The objects to be crated and the crate must be a perfect match.
* Durability: A crate needs to be long lasting and tough. This ensures it is capable of protecting the artwork from damage during any type of delivery process.
* Protection: A crate is not any good if it cannot survive a few knocks and shocks. It must do so without allowing the contents to be damaged.
* Shock Resistant: A crate worth its salt to any artwork shipping company must not only be durable, it must also be shock resistant. It needs to take a beating and protect the items within its four sides.
* Water-Proof: A solid professionally built crate is water proof. It must be able to keep out any form of moisture.
* Heat-Treated: Heat-treated crates comprised of wood are those used by an artwork shipping company if it is to be sent to a country that demands it. Otherwise, the crate needs to be comprised of plastic.
* Maneuverability: If the crate is too awkward to move, it may not be the right type of crate.
* Reusable/Returnable: In terms of environmental sustainability in Los Angeles and where an artwork needs to be returned the way it came, a crate must be constructed as to be reusable/returnable.

The Right Choice

If you plan to use an artwork shipping company in Los Angeles, be sure you talk to them first about crating. If they are knowledgeable about the subject, consider hiring them. If they are totally unaware or offer unacceptable alternatives, walk away and find another company.