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7 Steps To Get The Best Mechanic And Auto Repair In Ashland VA

Todays cars have come a long way from those of the 1950’s. A few decades ago most people could either work on their own cars to fix anything that went wrong or they had a friend who knew how to work on cars. But now that most cars operate on computer systems it is much harder for people to diagnose and fix their own cars. Now if people need auto repair in Ashland VA they have to find a reliable and knowledgeable mechanic to help them, which isn’t always easy. But finding a good mechanic in Ashland VA won’t be hard if you follow these tips the next time you need auto repair.

  1. Know the Right Certifications – the mechanic that you hire should be ASE Certified. This stands for Automotive Service Excellence. These certifications should also show which specialty the mechanic is proficient in.
  2. Watch the Signs – a good mechanic will have affiliations with organizations such as AAA to show that they are legitimate.
  3. Get Good Advice – talk to your friends and see which mechanic they used the last time their car needed to be worked on. A good recommendation for service is very helpful.
  4. Check the Reviews – go online and read the reviews that other people have left for the auto shop. Try to take all of the comments as a whole without focusing too much on overly critical or overly enthusiastic reviews. This will give you a better picture as to what to expect.
  5. Get a Good Look at the Shop – drive past the auto repair place that you are thinking about using to see how it looks. If it is run down, in disarray and dirty you might want to go somewhere else. What you should see is a well-kept and orderly area where people going about their business of working on cars and taking care of things.
  6. Analyze Your Quote – good mechanics will work in a timely manner to efficiently take care of the cars they are fixing. They will keep the customer informed about the repairs and not surprise them with inflated labor costs or repair needs. Sometimes the highest priced shops are priced that way because they are more efficient and better at their job and sometimes they are simply overpriced.
  7. Find a Convenient Location – only you can determine how far away you want to drive to get your car worked on. Shops that are located in the business districts likely have to pay a higher rent and subsequently will charge higher labor fees. You may be able to save money if you find a shop that is out of the way but is it worth the trouble to drive out there and back?

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