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Your Water Mains Alexandria, VA Professional Answers Frequently Asked Questions

A water main is very important to the infrastructure of a city and a neighborhood. Without a water main, water couldn’t be delivered to homes efficiently. Many people take these key water system components for granted without ever giving them a second thought. But there are some who have questions about this part of a community’s infrastructure. Here are some common questions you may have with answers provided from a water mains Alexandria, VA expert.

What happens when a water main breaks?
Water mains are the large pipes underneath the ground that carries water to peoples’ homes. Over time, a water main pipe will begin to crack or a hole can be worn in it. This causes water to leak out. Because of the pressure involved with water mains, these small cracks or holes will often lead to a break. If this is the case, the homes in the surrounding area might be without water for a little while.

Will I get a notice if a water main breaks?
Because most water main breaks are spontaneous and sudden, you generally won’t get any notice. Within minutes, the water from the broken water main can flood the streets and it can even leak onto your property. If you notice a water main break, call your local municipality to alert them to the situation. Also, never drink the water from your faucet when you notice a broken water main. It could be hazardous to your health.

What is the most common cause of water main breaks?
It’s difficult to say what the most common cause of a water main break is, but there are some occurrences that happen more often than others. Corrosion is one of the reasons why most water mains break. Over the years, the pipes begin to break down. The soil and other substances surrounding the pipe can weaken the exterior. Another common reason is earthquakes. If you feel an earthquake where you live, you should be cautious about drinking the water until you’re sure the water mains haven’t been affected.

How are water main breaks repaired?
When there is a break in the pipe, a water mains Alexandria, VA expert goes to the scene to evaluate it. The main water valve that leads to the pipe is shut off so the water stops flowing through the broken section. Experts then use an electronic leak detector to find out exactly where the leak has occurred so they can go to work on repairing it right away.

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