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You Can Be Confident in Your Heating Oil Madison

There is an ongoing debate over which is the better fuel to heat your home, oil or gas. (“Gas” may mean either natural gas or propane.) While natural gas is a heavy hitter in this argument, there is no reason why homeowners who use heating oil should not be confident in their choice. There are reasons concerning its total costs, efficiency, and even cleanness that should give you assurance about your continued use of Heating Oil Madison.

First of all, the cost of natural gas compared to heating oil is often a moot point, as natural gas is not available everywhere. (Natural gas is supplied through pipes, whereas oil is stored in tanks.) Even when natural gas is available, converting a home heating system from oil to natural gas is often too expensive. Although it is generally claimed that natural gas is 10-20% percent more efficient than oil, a natural gas furnace also costs 10-20% more. One effort you can make to help manage heating oil costs is to get your oil tank filled in the summer, when oil prices often drop.

Another interesting topic to examine when considering the efficiency of heating oil and natural gas is the Btu, or British thermal unit. When Btu output increases, you will feel warmer, faster. Natural gas provides 1000 Btu’s per cubic foot, whereas propane provides 2500 Btu’s per cubic foot. Propane can also be stored as a liquid, in which case it provides 91,500 Btu’s per gallon. Heating oil provides 138,500 Btu’s per gallon. When you compare natural gas to propane, and then compare propane to heating oil, heating oil appears as the most favorable option of the three. With this information, you can understand why people say that oil provides the warmest-feeling, most comfortable type of heat.

If you use Heating Oil Madison, you can also be confident about the cleanness of this product. Did you know that in this and other areas, there is a new blend of heating oil and bio fuel that burns cleaner and is more efficient than regular heating oil? A heating oil blend of as little as 5% bio fuel can save 50 million gallons of oil per year in the northeastern states alone. For this and all the aforementioned reasons, you can continue to be confident about using oil to heat your home.