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by | Mar 22, 2013 | Plumbing and Plumbers

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A successful building not only has to look good, it has to function well. The materials that have been used will be first-class, not only in the building structure, but the infrastructure as well. The use of brand name plumbing fixtures and equipment, all installed by professional plumbers in Long Beach give added value to the home.

The system starts with a well designed drainage system, getting the waste and water from the house to the sewer or septic tank is paramount. The drains have to be installed with the correct slope, from each drain in the house to the final main drain leading to the sewer. Incorrectly installed and graded drains are a primary cause of clogs.

To get all of this right requires a professional plumber, someone who has worked his way up through apprentice, journeyman and finally master plumber. Over a period of some years, all the knowledge that is required to design and install a system has been gained.

It may not be necessary to have a professional plumber attend to every little thing after the house is built properly, but even the best plumbing installation will fail or act-up. Simple things like a clogged kitchen sink or toilet are bound to happen and even the best faucet will eventually need a replacement washer.

Must have homeowner skills:

Trap check: A drain that is running slow or blocked can be clogged in one of two places. The P Trap, the curved piece of pipe under the sink can be blocked and if it is not that, then the clog is beyond it. Start with the simple things first, pour a kettle full of hot water in the drain and see what happens. Often the clog is accumulated fats or grease and the hot water will move it immediately.

Use of the plunger:

If the boiling water does not work, the next logical thing to try is the plunger. As long as there is standing water then the plunger will work, if the drain is just running slow, the plunger will be ineffective. The plunger does double duty; it attempts to unseat the clog by forcing a plug of water at it and then creating a vacuum when released.

The snake:

A snake is a length of flexible wire coil with a hooking device on one end and a handle on the other. It is simple to master, just introduce the hook into the drain and begin slowly turning. The claw at the end will dig into the clog, eventually the claw will break through and the problem will be solved. One thing to take into account is the metal coil, it can damage delicate porcelain finishes so make sure the sink, tub or shower is well protected.

With these few skills plumbers in Long Beach will not have to be called out all the time, save them for the big problems.

When the problem goes beyond your limited ability and you need plumbers in Long Beach, call the pros at All Referral Plumbing. The licensed and bonded plumbers are on-call, 24×7.

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