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We Buy Any Houses’ in Pa: These Companies Exist

If you’re not sure about hiring a realtor, you may wonder if there’s another alternative. You could choose to sell your home on your own, but this can take a lot of additional research and time. A home investment company focuses on purchasing homes that homeowners don’t want or can’t afford. It usually advertises by claiming we buy any houses in Pa, and you may have seen advertisements online, on television, or elsewhere.

These companies work differently than realtors, and it can be helpful to know how they’re different and why they’re beneficial.


Home investment companies work more quickly than realtors. When you call the number or request a quote online, someone from the company assesses your house. They can usually schedule an appointment with you the next day or whenever it is most convenient. They’re likely to make notes about the condition and might make an offer on the spot. They may also go back to headquarters and discuss your home with the rest of the team and then make an offer.

If you accept the offer, they can handle all of the paperwork and cover closing costs, which can help you save money and get everything taken care of quickly.

As-Is Selling

Home investment companies aren’t going to ask you to improve the house before selling it. Most realtors request that you make minor changes, such as adding a fresh coat of paint. They may require you to get an inspection and fix any significant issues before putting the house on the market. Home investors don’t make these requests on you, which can save you a lot of money on renovations and a lot of time. They already plan to renovate your home after they own it so that they can sell it on the market later and make a profit. For more information visit us at Integrity First Home Buyers.

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