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Top Factors that Determine the Size of the Unit Used for Air Conditioning Installation in Norman, OK

When it’s time to get new air conditioning installation in Norman, OK, you’ll be told of several factors that go into choosing the size of the machine that will be needed. Some of these factors are constants, but others can be improved. Here are a few of the top considerations that should be taken into account:

The Size of the House

This is usually the biggest determining factor for choosing the size of your new A/C unit. If you have a 3,000-square-foot home, it’ll obviously take more power to cool it than it would for a 600-square-foot one.

The House’s Specific Location

The microclimate around a home is often much different than what would be suggested by an area’s wider weather pattern. If your home is in the middle of a field with no trees to shelter it, the hot summer sun will have a much greater effect than it would if your house was in the middle of shady woods. Since big shade trees can take decades to get tall enough to do any good in this regard, be prepared to buy a bigger air conditioner if you have the house in the sunlit field.

Insulation Levels and Drafts

This is one area where you can make big improvements if they are suggested. A house with excellent insulation, tight-fitting windows and an extremely sound structure is very efficient. Just these attributes alone will make it much cooler than one that isn’t in as good of shape. If your house has poor insulation or is beset with drafts, you’ll have a significant portion of your air conditioning blown out through the gaps before you have a chance to enjoy it. While it’s possible to just buy a bigger A/C and go ahead with a planned air conditioning installation in Norman, OK, it’s a better idea to at least seal the gaps and fix your windows first. You may be able to use a smaller A/C if these improvements are made.

Traffic In and Out of the House

Every time someone goes in or out of your house, a blast of outdoor air comes inside. Since staying in more isn’t really a viable option, you should make sure that your new air conditioning installation in Norman, OK includes a unit that can quickly recover from these bursts of hot air. This will ensure your comfort no matter how many people come and go. For more information, visit ClimaTech Heat and Air.

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