Tips for Roofing in Louisville, KY Oct15


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Tips for Roofing in Louisville, KY

When it comes to Roofing in Louisville KY, there is more to it than homeowners simply slapping some shingles up on the roof. A homeowner who attempts to do this job themselves should know how to buy shingles, the right shingles, how to measure your roof, and whether or not you can shingle over the existing roof or not. Even with all of this information, installing a new roof can be a daunting task and one that should not be entered into lightly.If you do decide to go ahead and do the job yourself, be sure to read all of the manufactures installation instructions that come with your shingles.

When buying shingles, knowing the right language can be a help. You will be purchasing bundles or squares of shingles. A square provides you with enough shingles to cover 100 square feet. To help make it more manageable squares are packaged in smaller bundles to make transportation easier. You will generally get three or more bundles to a square. This can vary depending on the material of the shingles, heavier shingles such as those made of slate or tile, will weigh more and be packaged into more bundles.

Before buying shingles for Roofing in Louisville, KY, you will have to measure your roof to see how many square feet you need. To do this, you will have to measure the length and width of each plane on the roof. This is easy for a flat roof, you just measure the length X width. For most it will not be this easy. You must measure the length and width of each individual plane. Multiply the length and width of each one and then add them all together. Buy a little more than you need to account for mistakes.

If you have only one layer of shingles on the roof, you can shingle over them. If you have two, you will have to take them off and start over. This is due to residential building codes. Even with one layer, you may want to take the shingles down if you suspect that your roof’s decking may have issues and you wish to inspect it. The only way to inspect is to remove everything.

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